Delighted to have found Namaste Yoga and Bharti! The group classes have been excellent. One on one was also awesome and I am very much looking forward to a massage! Don't miss out on this Wonderful Gem!

Jackie Trauffer
Namaste yoga lit the fire in me to commit to making yoga a way of life for me rather than just something I knew was good and did when I remembered! Lucky to find a drop in class on holiday I needed for health(burn out and fatigue) and I came back next 3 days until holiday ended and I had to catch a plane for beginner yoga philosophy, instruction on chanting and daily asana and pranayama guidance. Bharti Tahil the spirit that is owner of Namaste yoga is the example of daily commitment to being a true yogi. When she speaks about yoga she lights up and the fire comes through and inspires others. She has written courses and books and many things in them resonated with me on a level that was exciting and struck a chord. For example the mantra a mind tool breathing so vital to give yourself calmness control and choice in your life. And the benefit of practice on the spine I had previously visualised just as a column of bones I saw so clearly is entire nervous system which is realigned and unblocked from regular sincere practice. All kinds of benefits from mental emotional and physical just blew my mind in a way I had not fully understood before. There is also a garden in which to practice at the studio and Ayurveda massage and treatments are offered in beautiful surroundings. Highly recommend this place it is very special!

Alma Power
Only 2 days in with fast track course!! Loving it and learning so much! Bharti is fabulous! A hidden gem in Fuertaventura.

Alison Todd
Gracias Barthi por tu gran trabajo,mi primer masage aryuvedico una experiencia,que pienso repetir cada vez que visite la isla.Seguirè tus consejos y buscarè mi paz interior siempre.

Selina Alvarez Neira Mosquera
Muy feliz por haber encontrado a Bharti en la isla! Comparte sus enseñanzas conmigo desde el amor incondicional y con mucha paciencia...buena maestra de yoga y Ayurveda.

Mone Vega
I appreciate you Namaste Yoga really you doing such a meaningful work for our society empowerment and i am inspired by your work i Request to all friends that join Namaste Yoga for better life thanks Namaste Yoga

Thar Parkar
I have been lucky to find a great teacher at Namaste Yoga that have made a difference in my willingness to pursue yoga. Thanks!

Mario Maruffi
While staying in Corralejo for a week - I attended small group classes and individual classes - Bharti takes care to help participants get the most benefit from the class. Combining breathing, asanas and meditation to create a relaxing atmosphere for learning yoga. Bharti introduces simple concepts from yogic traditions to help restore body mind and spirit. I had an Ayurvedic treatment and massage - wonderful strong massage and treatment of 90 minutes. Worth considering!

Carrie Graham
I’m very thankful to have meet Bharti on my way, she is the teacher that everyone must have. Thanks to her, that really love to share with the students all her knowledge without limits, now I have the tools to live my life consciously and happily. The course is unic and complete, because is spiritual and deep, but also dynamic and with fun. I go twice a week and I feel more enthusiastic and energized, my body in only one month is more elastic and strong. I’m also doing the teaching course: I have no words to express how much precious is. Thank you Namaste Yoga!

Carlotta Govi
I was lucky enough to discover Namaste Yoga while on a surfing trip to Corralejo last week. Bharti was absolutely amazing, what a treasure! I've been practicing yoga for about 8 months but I learned more about yoga in 3 days with Bharti than the 8 months elsewhere! She is truly wonderful and inspiring. She explains all the fundamentals of yoga and how different techniques can help you in certain situations. I would highly recommend her class to anyone who is both a beginner and experienced as she shares so much wisdom.

Lorna Clancy
Doy las GRACIAS ha Bharti por llenarme de Energía Paz Amor y Vida una Gran Maestra. He aprendido y me ha enseñado con mucho amor y mucha energía. El primer día que la conocí sentí una paz inmensa en mi ser y una fuente de energía!!!! Os recomiendo 100% GRAN MAESTRA GRACIAS

Cecilia Vega
Bharti is a real yogi, teaching yoga as a way to reach peace in your mind and to love your body and its limits. I got to know her a bit more leaving with me hopes that I will come back one day to do the Ayurveda treatment she also offers. This is not the typical pop-up commercial yoga studio you now have on every corner. Namaste Bharti!

Lenka Haj